Tragedy As Six-Year-Old Boy Killed By Metal Supermarket Locker Toppling Over

1lockerA six-year-old boy has died after a supermarket locker toppled over and crushed him and his mother .

The pair were freed when passersby lifted the 6ft-high steel cupboard off them. Despite the mum fracturing her leg she heroically carried her bleeding son to a nearby hospital, where doctors spent two hours battling to keep the badly injured boy alive. He sadly died from what witnesses described as a head trauma after being hit by the falling metal frame.

The boy and his mum had been captured on CCTV seconds earlier playing as the left the supermarket in Ankang City in China. He was standing near his mum when she opened one of the lockers to retrieve her belongings and the entire unit fell forwards right onto them. Police are now investigating the case and could charge the supermarket with negligence in the boy’s tragic death.

The lockers were outside the main doors of the supermarket which had opened less than two weeks earlier. The ground outside the supermarket had a slight slope, and staff had placed things under the locker to keep it stable; reports say that regular use of the locker by customers caused it to lose balance again and ultimate fall over.