Tragic Accident As Father Knocks Down And Kills Three-Year-Old Daughter

A father broke down in tears as he told an inquest how he killed his three-year-old daughter in a freak accident.ztragedyLacey Bell is believed to have followed her father Richard out of the front door without him knowing as he drove off. She fell under the rear wheel and suffered crush injuries that claimed her life an hour later in hospital.

Mr Bell, from Burnage, Manchester, was heard shouting: “I’ve just run my little girl over. I’ve killed my baby. What have I done to my family, I’ve killed my little girl.”

He told the hearing: “I looked in the road to see if anything was coming and it wasn’t. I drove the vehicle a few metres off the pavement and felt the wheel go over something like a brick … Then I got out of the mini van as I saw that it was my little girl. I just didn’t see anything, I just didn’t see her.

“I picked her up and I got her in the van and drove as fast as I could myself but it wasn’t fast enough. I didn’t see anything, she was only little.” Assistant Coroner Sally Hatfield recorded a conclusion of death by road traffic accident.