Tulisa’s Fans Concerned After Worrying Selfie: “What Has She Done To Herself?!”

Tulisa has ignited extreme plastic surgery speculation with her latest social media snap.  The low-key selfie saw the singer perch on the side of her bed and smoulder into her phone.

However, instead of compliments flooding in, the singer’s 427,000 Instagram followers were concerned about what appeared to be her dramatically altered face.

Tulisa seems to sports a much fuller pout, an upturned nose and lifted eyes in the close-up. “Who even is she? Wouldn’t recognise her if she walked up and slapped me in the face. Insane. Preferred her pre-surgery,” one shocked user wrote.

“That’s not her! What has she done to herself? Seriously looks nothing like her. Very disappointing,” a second agreed. “To think, you used to be so attractive,” a third lamented.tulisaTulisa has previously admitted to having lip and cheek fillers because she was bored of her old look, but now rumours are flying that she may have had more extensive work done. Back in 2014 she claimed that her altered face shape was a result of water retention and a negative reaction to the silicon.