Two hurricanes smash into each other and send superstorm towards Britain

Forecasters predict the UK will be battered by heavy wins as the two storms merge and speed across the North Atlantic.

Britain looks set to be battered by the remains of Hurricane Maria and debris from Hurricane Lee as the two storms speed across the North Atlantic, forecasters have warned.

Maria is currently moving in a northerly direction off the east coast of the USA, and is likely to pick up turbulent weather from Hurricane Lee.

At least 25 people have been killed by the deadly hurricane, and forecasters believe the two will merge to form a superstorm across the Atlantic.

This is likely to be picked up by the jet stream and swept towards the British Isles and northern Europe, with the potent cocktail predicted to reach an area close to the UK on Monday.

Western areas are likely to be hit by the worst of the storm, with some forecasts indicating winds could be gale force.

It means conditions are set to be changeable for the first half of next month, with an increased likelihood of powerful gusts, some even reaching gale force, as well as heavier rain across some parts.

Eleanor Bell, principal meteorologist of The Weather Channel, said: “There is increasing confidence we will have a very wet and very windy start to next week.