Two Men Mown Down As Speeding Scrambler Bike Runs Amok In City

Two men were hit by a scrambler bike after it mounted the pavement after speeding through Liverpool pulling wheelies and driving on the wrong side of the road.1scramblerThe bike rider – a 24-year-old man from Anfield who wasn’t wearing a helmet – suffered a fractured skull after hitting the men, who were standing at a bus stop near Aintree Racecourse this afternoon. One of the men, who was 56-years-old, suffered a cut to the head and was taken to hospital where he was treated for the injury. The other man, 54, didn’t need treatment.

The scrambler bike was being tracked by the police helicopter after first being spotted by officers speeding along Queens Drive towards the city , doing wheelies on the road and going through a number of red traffic lights. The bike raced through the city before driving against traffic on the wrong side of the road towards Aintree.

As the bike sped along Ormskirk Road it went through the traffic lights at the junction of Park Lane and mounted the pavement where it hit the two men. Witness Richard Fagan said: “We saw the police helicopter first and then scrambler bike coming down the middle of the road. He had a mask on with a skeleton on his face and shot through the lights. He was going really fast and didn’t care what he was doing.

“We had just walked past two men at the bus stop, who we think were at the races as they seemed to be counting money and then about 10 seconds later it happened. It could have been us who were hit. We left before the last race as my son wanted to go, so it was lucky most people were still inside the race course.”