Two Snipers Shoot Four Police Officers Dead At Protest – Seven Others Wounded

Four police officers have been shot dead by at least two snipers at a protest.1sniperSeven other officers have been wounded in the attack. Two people – one described as a suspect and one described as a “person of interest” – are in custody.

The gunshots were heard at Belo Garden Park, Dallas, Texax around 8.45pm local time, with Dallas police chief David O Brown saying the snipers took their shots “from elevated positions” during the protest.   He said the officers had been fired on “ambush style” and some had been shot in the back. Two are in surgery and three are in critical condition in hospital, he added.

TV showed protesters scrambling for cover and police officers crouching behind parked cars or running into a what appeared to be a car-parking building with guns drawn.

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