Two-year-old Suffocated Under Bean Bag Chair When Teacher Sat On It To Read Story

A toddler suffocated after he crawled under a bean bag chair and then a teacher sat down on it to read a story.leooooooooLeonardo Sanchez, who was about to turn two-years-old in a few days, was playing with other children at a child centre in Utah, in the US, when he crawled under the bean bag chair to hide.

His mother Danielle told NBC News: “I’m just confused. I’m so confused on how you don’t know where my kid is. How do you not feel him? How do you not hear him scream?” She added: “That’s all I know right now, is my baby suffocated under a bean bag.”

The mother said police told her there is surveillance video of the incident that was being reviewed. “I was given different stories. Finally the police officers came and they previewed the film,” she said. She added: “I’m supposed to be planning his birthday party for next week and now I’m planning his funeral.”

West Jordan Police Sgt. Joe Monson confirmed investigators believe an adult sat on a large bean bag, unaware that Leo was underneath. He said the incident appears to be an unfortunate accident, but the investigation is continuing.