“Unrecognisable” Sarah Harding Leaves Fans Wondering “What HAS Happened To Her Face?”

Sarah Harding was ‘unrecognisable’ during an interview on This Morning .

Viewers were left scratching their heads at her appearance as the blonde beauty chatted with James Martin and Anita Rani about her new role on stage in Ghost the musical. The former Girls Aloud star defended rumours that she had had plastic surgery after Anita questioned her about growing old gracefully in the showbiz industry.

While viewers wondered ‘what had happened to her face?’, Sarah pointed out that she hadn’t had Botox injections in her forehead: “I haven’t had plastic surgery. Can I say hello?” “As a woman getting older people start to feel insecure about the way they look. You should embrace it women,” Sarah encouraged.

Some watching took to Twitter with their own doubts about Sarah despite her denials: “Talking about “embracing it” when you’ve clearly done shit loads to your face. LOL # thismorning”igvOne tweeted “I didn’t recognise @ SarahHarding at all on # ThisMorning,” while another said: “@ sarahharding looks well different # thismorning” One couldn’t believe that was her: “Omg how different does Sarah Harding look!! #thismorning”