Woman Killed In 15,000ft Plunge Onto Housing Estate After Parachute Fails To Open

A parachutist diving from 15,000ft has died after falling into a housing estate when her chute failed to deploy properly.parachThe horror incident happened at a housing estate in Shotton Colliery in County Durham where a witness described how the woman became tangled in the ropes leaving her “spinning like a top” hitting a car with “an almighty clatter”.

Police said 49-year-old was using her own equipment and had not jumped in this country before, but had made jumps abroad. Ian Rosenvinge, from the Skydive Academy at Peterlee Parachute Centre, said the woman was one of their “regular jumpers”.

He said that the woman’s canopy rotated around leading to the horror landing. “She landed extremely hard as a result of a rotating canopy and has gone to hospital in an air ambulance,” Ian told MailOnline. He added: “The rotating canopy caused her to descend faster than usual which meant she hit the ground very hard.

“The police have taken the equipment. We have passed her name to the police so it would not be appropriate to release that at this stage. She would have jumped from 15,000 feet.” The coroner has been informed and a post mortem will be conducted.