Woman Loses Baby Just Five Days Before Due Date After Boyfriend Kicks Her In Stomach

A heavily pregnant woman who was just five days from her due date lost her unborn baby daughter after her drunk partner kicked her in the stomach. Jessy Johnson, 19, fell to the floor in pain before Stuart Samson, 37, whispered in her ear telling her not to call an ambulance to avoid social services getting involved, a court heard.

Samson was jailed this week for two years and nine months after pleading guilty to two offences of assault causing actual bodily harm. After the sentencing, Miss Johnson slammed prosecutors for not viewing her stillborn child as being ‘human’ and for not charging Samson with murder or child destruction.

Miss Johnson from Pontefract, said: “I’m so angry about his sentence. No sentence will bring back my baby. He only pleaded guilty to get a lesser sentence and he showed no remorse at court from what I saw.” Prosecuting, Peter Moulson said Samson’s kick had caused Miss Johnson to suffer injuries which caused the unborn child to suffer from a lack of oxygen.