Woman Suffers Horrific Injury on Eden Project Ride After Swing Rope “Wraps Around Her Neck”

A woman suffered horrific looking injuries to her neck while enjoying a thrill-seeking ride at the Eden Project in Cornwall.gravwThe accident took place on the Gravity Swing zipwire attraction, which is operated separately by Hangloose Adventures. Victim Claire Hatch who uploaded pictures of her wounds on Facebook, showing nasty red rope burns all across her throat, claims the rope was not correctly attached.

She claimed: “As we swung back down for the second time the rope caught around my neck. It was only me being yanked backwards that saved me from being very seriously hurt, or worse. I was told by a member of staff that a paramedic was on site and would be there very quickly. Forty five minutes later a man wearing a uniform in a paramedic car arrived.

“Over an hour and a half after I was taken off of the swing, an ambulance was called and I was taken straight to hospital. I would really like to point out that the safety checks and on site medical facilities need to be better.  The result of this incident meant that we ended our holiday early. The other members of my family were not even offered a refund after the swing was closed due to the accident.”

Hangloose Adventures said in a statement: “We apologise for the distress caused to Claire Hatch as a result of the regrettable recent accident on gravity the giant swing were she received a rope burn to her neck.  As a result of the incident, we have reviewed the design of the swing’s release mechanism, our standard operating procedures and our staff training.”