Woman’s Leaves Note For “Mean Girls” Overheard At Starbucks And It Goes Viral

A Starbucks customer overheard some real-life “Mean Girls” saying some not-so-nice things about a classmate, so she decided to do something about it.

The author, Michelle Icard, explained on Facebook that the three girls were laughing about a girl who had sung about her loneliness in a school talent show. Michelle walked out, did some shopping, but still felt “conflicted” about whether to confront them.

She decided to go home and write a note and return to the Starbucks. “I walked up to them and said, ‘Hi Girls. You don’t know me but it looks like you’re here studying and I wrote you a note of encouragement,'” she recalled.noteBefore leaving the note, Icard had posted on Facebook about her anger at hearing the “horribly behaved” teens complain about “girls who copy them”; her note is now going viral on social media.