X Factor Drama – Star Misses Show After His Baby Arrives Three Weeks Early

A popular TV presenter had to miss his hosting gig last night when his partner went into labour.MattEXtra Factor host Matt Edmondson has opened up about becoming a first-time father last night, revealing his wife Bryony gave birth to a little girl at home three weeks early.

Matt also admitted Rylan burst into tears backstage at the Xtra Factor when he found out the happy news about the birth. Matt shared the news of the impending birth by tweet a baby emoji and a ‘worried face’, and now it has been confirmed the tot arrived safely.

He wrote in a message posted on Twitter: “I was hoping to fly under the radar with this one, but… I’ve had a baby! A really cute one. We always had a 2 in 7 chance that she’d arfrive on a day where there was Xtra Factor Live… What I didn’t expect was for her to hatch her escape plans three weeks early and 2 hours before the live show…”

Matt also declared he and Bryony are “so happy” with their “very little girl”, and he went on to praise the team of midwives who helped out, and Rylan for hosting the show without him.  Matt wrote: “Thanks to Rylan for fying solo(and crying at the news in his dressing room when I told him) and thanks to all of you who sent me such kind messages.