You Won’t Believe What Has Been Discovered In Rolf Harris’s Prison Cell!

Celebrity-paedophile Rolf Harris has been caught with something he should have.1rolfThe shamed Animal Hospital star, 86, who is a serving a six year sentence for a string of underage assaults, was spotted trading packets of cigarettes for a seedy stash of porno mags .

A source within Stafford prison, where Harris has been locked up since 2014, said the bearded Australian sex-offender initially blamed a fellow inmate when authorities turned over his cell.

The Daily Star reports that the former Rolf’s Cartoon Club presenter then admitted to owning the stash but insisted they he used them for ‘artistic reasons’. Harris claimed he used the skin mags to study the “feminine form”.

The Jake the Peg singer was told he would lose his special privileges, including his job teaching art classes to lags, if he was caught with any more smutty reading material.