You Won’t Believe Who Is Teasing Shock Return To EastEnders

Someone has hinted at an explosive return to Albert Square.mastylEastEnders baddie ‘’Nasty Nick’’ wants to make a comeback on the soap – as a ghost.  The infamous TV villain, played by actor John Altman, was killed off last year. Long suffering mum Dot (June Brown), who had grown sick of his evil scheming, delivered a fatal dose of heroin to him.

However Altman reckons this does not necessarily mean the end for Nasty Nick who appeared in the very first episode of EastEnders in 1985. He wants to come back as a ghost to spook deeply religious Dot from beyond the grave.

The actor said: “I would go back after all these years, yeah of course. It’s not going to do me any harm. “June and I are intertwined on the show, we go together. It’s like like Morecombe and Wise, Reg and Ronnie, Nick and Dot.”

Altman also says that although June Brown is now 89, she shows no signs of retiring. He added: “I think the show keeps June young, she’ll probably just carry on unless she is physically unable to do it. As long as she’s on her own two feet I can see June just carrying on. Who knows though, she’s 89 God bless her, at some point she will have to slow down.”